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tv   7 News at 430 PM  NBC  October 6, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EDT

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this is 7news at 4:30. >> up here at 4:30, we are tracking hurricane matthew. it's small but partly cloudy a powerful punch. right now it's a category 4 hurricane with wind speeds of 140 miles per hour. it's moving northwest at about 14 miles per hour. that's straight towards floridas east coast. >> here's a live look at florida just outside of fort lauderdale. you can see ocean air churning up. skies look angry.
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and president obama has declared a federal stage for florida ahed of the storm making landfall. >> officials there are telling people to prepare for the worst and to stay away from the coast. we have team 7 coverage of hurricane matthew starting with chief meteorologist jeremy reinr who has the latest on the storms track. >> still anticipating up to move to the northwest, probably right over freeport in the bahamas between 6:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. this evening and then from there it takes aim on the florida coastline later tonight and we have hurricane warnings in effect for the bahamas as well s the east coast of florida and up now extends up through georgia and portions of south carolina. a couple folks have been concerned about the west coast f florida. we do have a tropical storm watch, tampa down through fort myers, naples. it's a power storm, but relatively small in size so it's going to be confined to essentially the 95 corridor,
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world. i know they've closed the packes for tomorrow. but you head toward the west coast, the gulf coast and it's not as much of an issue. between 15 and 30 miles per hou, but it's a real tough go north f miami later on this evening. we're awaiting the 5:00 p.m. update. sometimes it's out ahead of schedule, but it's probably not going to change all up much between now and 5:00. it will be parallelling the east coast of florida later on this from there it begins to curve northeast and parallels the georgia and south carolina coastline and then it will loop back south. so this spares the middle atlantic and the northeast, but it's the tough go for florida, georgia as well as south carolia over the next couple days. back to you guys. >> thank you so much, jeremy. >> there are evacuation orders n place along the east coast from florida to the carolinas as up storm marchs north. a storm surge could be a huge problem. daytona beach expected to get te
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what do you have going on there, jay. >> we've seen rain on and off throughout the day and those conditions will only intensify through the evening into the early morning here. this area will likely see some f the worst up matthew has to offer. what does up mean? it means winds over 100 miles an hour. it means flooding rains of 12 to 18 inches or so. some of the low-lying areas are in real jeopardy and of course t means power lines will go down hundreds of thousands along the east coast have already evacuated. those who are riding this thing out they've cleared out the shelves and area grocery stores and convenience stores. a lot of gas pumps are empty. people fueling up to make sure they have fuel. we're talking about a period hee of a week or more without power in some areas, so this is going to be a rough go, and when you look at the long-range forecast
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around, ryan and effect this ara earlier next week. it will be reduced, a tropical storm or post tropical storm, bt it's something they don't need n the heels of what looks to be a very serious hit from matthew. >> thank you so much, jake. live in daytona beach. stay safe down there, jay. appreciate it. >> stay with 7 as we track hurricane matthew. you want to check out the track of the storm you can do up at and also on our mobile and tablet apps. >> we are following breaking nes in the deadly rain new jersey. federal investigators say the train was going twice the speed limit at the moment of impact. they also say the train's engineer hit the emergency brake less than a second before the crash. the speed limit for the station area is 10 miles per hour. the ntsb says the train was traveling at 8 miles per hour ad then sped up for about 30 secons before hitting 21 miles per hou. a final report on what caused last week's crash which killed
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longer than a year to complete. >> a man used a front end loader to destroy construction equipmet and threaten police. >> he's now facing some serious charges. >> steve cooper live with more n this story. >> police at headquarters tellig us today this was a up for them and now up man who is behind the wheel was front end loader, he's behind bars. >> a not guilty plea during his video arraignment after charged with using a front end loader to attack his brother hee in new hampshire. he was using up front end loader to push over the crane crane. >> prosecutors say the 55-year-old victim running the crane escaped injury yesterday afternoon when emanuel crashed into the piece of heavy equipment, flipping it on its
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emanuel then attempted to ram into a police cruiser with the front end loader before he took off in a trash truck. >> i've been doing this a long time and i can tell you up this is one of the unusual ones. >> emanuel was eventually trackd down and arrested by police. during court proceedings he called his high bail ridiculous. >> a friend of the family didn't have much to say leaving the courthouse they grew up together. we've known each other our whole lives. so there's -- i'm not going to say anything that would harm either one of them. >> a dangerous drive where incredibly police say somehow everyone is okay. >> nobody was hurt. we were able to come to a successful conclude. >> investigators telling us what's unclear right now is the motive for all this. up part is still under investigation. as for emanuel, he's being held
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live in new hampshire, steve cooper, 7news. >> also on 7. >> after a police chase in pelham, new hampshire, the chase came to a crashing conclusion on the side of the road. 7's alex deep -- alex diprato hs the story. >> the man flips t desperate and unsuccessful effot to out run an officer. >> get on the ground right now! on the ground! on the ground! >> how come you ran? why did you run? i can't speak right now. sorry. >> the 22-year-old not answering questions after being released from the hospital as to why he was traveling 80 miles per hour on route 38 in pelham. the speed drew the attention of
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>> he blew through stop signs ad even forced others off the road during the pursuit wednesday morning. >> pursuits are dangerous no matter what. >> it only came to an end when e lost control and hit a rock and flipped his car in the next town of windham. >> that was quite the impact. he's lucky tore alive. bed. >> i heard a loud bang and it woke me up. i didn't know what was going on. >> one reason he may have run, police say he was drunk. >> where were you drinking? that's enough, guys. thank you. >> i'm alex diprato, 7news. >> a close call for a little boy in revere who was sound asleep when a driver lost control of a car and crashed through his bedroom wall. the boy was trapped underneath p wreck.
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terrifying night. >> this is the bedroom the 10-year-old boy was asleep in when a car ran through the wall and hit him in his bunk bed. >> i just opened my eyes. i don't know what's happening. i don't know what happened. >> he said he was launched under the car and its gas was leaking on him. >> it felt scary, not safe, andi panicked, my heart of the going fast. >> it was about one 30s wednesdy morning. hi got home from work and was on hs knees in the living room to pra. this lamp fell on dad leaving bruises on his head and leg. he ran into his son's room and tried to get him out from beneah the car. he was crying. >> dad relieved he was able to free his son, but he says crashs
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he claims three happened in recent weeks. unable to stay in their apartment, they packed up and he says his dad is the hero here wo made sure he could walk away unharmed. >> i know he's always there for me, and i know that the second e heard one rumble, he would chare in before anything collapsed and pull me out. >> kimberly bookman, 7news. >> some terrifying moments caugt on camera. a man walks into a business and then starts attacking workers with a knife and even threatens to kill people. >> christa delcamp has more on the knife attack. >> a man barges into a business and starts swinging a knife at employees. >> he came in yelling and screaming that he was going to kill all of us. >> jacob is the owner and he sas this man, joel walker had been n the store earlier making threats to employees and then about an hour and a half later he returned. you see a woman running to warn
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>> one employee gets thrown to the floor and then several othes join into help fight him off. they were finally able to get te man outside where police arrestd him minutes later. >> lucky to have the guys up we had there around us. >> police say they believe the suspect had been harassing other businesses in the area as well over the past couple of weeks ad he now faces assault and battery charges. in the newsroom, i'm christa delcamp, 7news. >> and we're following more news criminal in italy. an italian mafia bus was found hiding behind his cupboards. >> police say he was hiding in a secret room with a small mattress. >> prince's home and recording studio is now open to the publi.
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time since prince passed away. >> all right. ahead here on 7news. fight or flight. a high school football team with a lot of extra time on their hands. why no one wants to play against them. >> and on 7news at 5:00, donald trump looking ahead to sunday. why he's in new hampshire ahead of sunday's big presidential debate. and we are continuing to track hurricane matthew. this is a live look at hollywoo, florida. president obama declaring a stae of emergency as the storm races
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too good. so good up other team don't want to play them. the football powerhouse team has out scored opponents 170 points to zero in their up three games of the season. >> other teams in the conference would rather forfeit than get pummeled. >> a some we are football team gathered to express their disappointment after the last three teams refused to to play them. >> now parents of players at another high school f stronger bigger murphy. some of the staff saying playing archbishop murphy would compromise the safety of the players and be demoralizing. this is an unnecessary risk that are putting our sons in. some are upset the school didn't forfeit immediately, saying, please note we will not be allowing our sons to suit up for
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>> granite falls was the latest. >> we can't put our quarterback up against their nose tackle who happens to be over 6'inches. >> we have to prepare for the next upcoming game. >> schools around the higher division for all of the rest of the football games. >> tracking hurricane matthew, the latest track and your holidy weekend forecast up next. >> ahead on 7news at 5:00, it'sa big weekend in cleveland, the rd sox gearing up for post season play as they set their sights on the world series. >> the patriots head to clevelad to take on the indians with tom brady. it actually they're going to be
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>> now, 7weather with chief meteorologist jeremy reiner. >> monitoring hurricane matthew. there is the eye wall. i would say south of freeport in the bahamas, expected to cross freeport at the bahamas between 6:00 and 7:00 this evening and some of the outer bands from matthew now working south, counterclockwise flow around the hurricane, dropping the outer bands down along the east c lauderdale and miami with winds gusting not too bad right now. 25 to 40 miles per hour at time. you notice all the red here. those are the cloud tops that's where we have the feeder bands. category 4 storm. major hurricane. and that will continue northwes. even if it doesn't cross land ad we label it landfall tonight, still anticipating hurricane-force winds right at the overnight tonight and throuh
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north of west palm beach. up through melbourne, the space coast, cape canaveral and north of there, that's winds at least 70 miles per hour, and the winds here, 58 miles per hour. and tropical storm force winds, 39 miles per hour. notice the west coast of florid, there's not much wind. there may be some wind out of te north around 15 to 25 miles per hour, but it's not a massive storm. so this does continue to move north up along the 95 even by tomorrow evening, jacksonville, a category 3 stor. likely to have some gusts late tonight and through the day tomorrow. tough situation there. now, for us here in new england, the complete opposite end of the scale. you've got a hurricane over here at one end of the scale and high pressure at the other of the end scale. >> jaffrey, 72.
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into the upper 30 and is low 40s tomorrow. downtown boston low to mid 50s. tomorrow say fantastic day. the weekend off to a great start with lots of sunshine and mild. 71 to 76. on to the holiday weekend. here's a cool front racing out f canada during the day, so we'll start saturday with sun and clouds show up in the afternoon. not much in the way of rain. i think perhaps a couple sprinkles with the cool front ad it's this cold front up works tandem, so that will block matthew's northward advancement up into new england. so that's why we are still holding firm with the dry weathr continuing after the shower threat saturday evening. sunday and monday, columbus day, lots of sunshine. by the way, the fall foliage coming on strong. even a lot of color in metro west. the 495 corridor. temperatures mild the next two days and then cooler into the holiday weekend. see you at 5:00.
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let's get over to matt fitzgerad with a check of the roads today. >> we're above 93 north approaching 128. moving well, it will be stop-and-go pretty much all the way up to 128. once past up you'll be jammed up from route 62. the southbound side of 93 moving well from 128 down into boston. route 1 north, you're a crawl from saugus, and this afternoon you'll be on the brakes from route 16 most of the way lynnfield over on the southbound side, moving well from saugus al the way across the tobin bridge. you'll be jammed right out of te austin tolls. and again before the westin polls. the eastbound side of the pike s moving well all the way into downtown boston. check the ride to the westin tolls a 26 minute drive and from the westin tolls out to 495, 28 minutes.
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kelly: you know me. not from thousands of false, negative ads- but as your first female attorney general- appointed by republican and democratic governors. as your senator, i'm fighting for equal pay and against workplace discrimination, to expand access to birth control, s. i approve this message because after all the false, negative ads, i'm still the kelly ayotte you know- and i'm still fighting for you.
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the pick and roll. >> he lost his shoe and griffin took full garage. >> here he is setting a screen, his sneaker gets stepped on and comes right off. he picks it up and tosses it off to the side. he definitely towing the line of the rule book. stuff is going to happen and you have to have a sense of humor with up kind of stuff. >> is it bad for me to laugh. once the guy is okay. he got h r >> we have much more here to coe in the next 90 minutes. i won't throw any shoes at ryan. >> i'm jadiann tamps. >> i'm ryan schulteis. >> the news starts now. >> matthew pulls out of the bahamas and now heads for the united states. florida preparing for a strike. the state will bear the brunt of this powerful storm. today the president declaring a state of emergency. we'll head out live as we track
4:59 pm
would be fire. >> union workers pulled from a protest and taken into custody. why were they were arrested. >> a second debate set. this time donald trump coming to new hampshire to help with his preparation. >> the sox opening up post seasn play against cleveland. what the team is hoping to carry them through. >> 7news today in new england at 5:00 starts now. >> tonight on 7. >> time is running out. a catastrophic storm closing in. states. >> there are no excuses. you need to leave. >> millions moving out. >> evacuate. evacuate. evacuate. >> 7news tracking matthew. >> live pictures now from the bahamas where we are still seeig strong wind and heavy rain, quie a bit of damage already done there. then florida. dark clouds and strong surf alog the coast and south florida is beginning to feel some effects s this storm inches closer to the
5:00 pm
federal state of emergency for the state of florida and matthew's wrath has been deadly. the death toll climbing to more than 100 in haiti alone. the towns just leveled by the powerful storm. >> the pictures sent to us by a local family. it's giving us a little closer look at the conditions there. >> at this point matthew is a category 4 storm with wind spees of 45 miles per hour. new 5:00 p.m. advisory. it holds the category 4 strength and it likely will do up overnight tonight. i don't think it's going to get to a 5, but even with up said, f it does make landfall in florida overnight as a 4, it will be our strongerest since hurricane charley back in 2004. the up major hurricane since wilma in 2005. you see the red line. it looks like it will go right over cape canaveral, the space


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